Transforming Touch - Overview

Stephen J. Terrell, PsyD, SEP


As a psychotherapist practicing in Austin, Texas. I provide psychotherapy services to children, families, and adults in the areas of Developmental Trauma, Medical Trauma, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Reactive Attachment Disorder, Attachment Ruptures, Bonding Issues, Oppositional Defiance, and adoption related issues (see Issues Treated page for more information).

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, Play Therapist, EMDR Therapist, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, and Transforming Touch® Practitioner.

I enjoy my work as a Licensed Professional Counselor and find it an honor to work with those who have experienced Developmental Trauma. My treatment approach is multidimensional and may include parents or partners in the treatment plan.  I do not provide residential care or any inpatient treatments.  All of the work I do is based on two primary models, Regulation Focused Modality and Attachment Focused Modality.  I have several options for treatments from weekly appointments to intensives.

Austin Attachment and Counseling Center (AACC) is located in Austin, Texas. The Center is convenient to major highways, the airport, hotels, and residential lodging.

If you are looking for a psychotherapist, please call or email me to set an appointment. On my New Client Information page, there are several forms that will need to be completed and brought with you to your first appointment.

AACC makes no promises to the families regarding treatment outcomes or length of treatment. Our experience tells us that most clients show improvement after the first session and length of treatment varies depending on the commitment of the family to the child.

Regulation Focused Therapy


Regulation Focused Therapy is a different way of healing.  Instead of targeting the symptom or the issue head on, Regulation Focused Therapy targets the person's nervous system.  Tranforming Touch® is the tool we use to heal somatic rutures in our body and to increase resilliance.  

Issues We Treat

Helping clients receive treatment for a wide range of issues from an industry expert.


We offer pre and post counseling services for families and children.

Attachment Disorder

We treat children with an attachment disorder.

Developmental Trauma

Helping individuals experiencing developmental trauma.

Medical Trauma

Helping children and families cope with medical trauma symptoms.

Post Traumatic Stress

Helping individuals relieve their post traumatic stress symptoms.

Primitive Reflexes

Helping the youth integrate their primitive reflexes for proper growth.

Reactive Attachment

Reactive attachment disorder is a condition in which young children don't establish healthy bonds of attachment with parents or caregivers.


Helping clients find constructive ways of managing their emotions and moving on from trauma.

Grief & Depression

Helping clients find ways to manage and overcome their grief and depression.

How Can We Help?

It's our goal to provide the best care available

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy (also known as “counseling”) is a process through which clients work with Stephen Terrell in a safe, caring, and confidential environment to overcome their trauma.

Trauma Informed Care

Trauma Informed Care is about understanding the impact of developmental trauma. This is a relationship approach, knowing that through relationship, healing can and will happen.

Treatment Modalities

Trauma Informed Care is about understanding the impact of developmental trauma. This is a relationship approach, knowing that through relationship, healing can and will happen.

Adverse Childhood Experience Study

Childhood experiences, both positive and negative, have a tremendous impact on future violence victimization and perpetration, and lifelong health and opportunity. Read about the Adverse Childhood Experience Study to learn more.

Talk To Us

Our team is here to help. Get in touch and an experienced member will be happy to discuss your available options.


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