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Stephen J. Terrell, Psy D, SEP

Founded Austin Attachment and Counseling Center over 20 years ago for individuals and families experiencing the effects of Developmental Trauma. Today, we provide neurophysiological focus counseling services for individuals and families, as well as professional development training for therapists, clinicians, and others.

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Counseling Services Available In Austin, TX

Psychotherapy services in Austin, Texas for children, families, and adults in the areas of Developmental Trauma, Medical Trauma, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and more.

Professional Training & Development

Professional training and development for somatic practitioners, psychologists, psychotherapists, bodyworkers, nurses, chiropractors and others looking to improve their education and help clients.

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Nurturing Resilience An Introduction To Our Innovative Somatic Approach

Kathy L. Kain and Stephen J. Terrell draw on fifty years of their combined clinical and teaching experience to provide this clear road map for understanding the complexities of early trauma and its related symptoms. Nurturing Resilience is a practical, integrated approach for therapists working with people (both adults and children) who have been impacted by developmental trauma and attachment difficulties.

TEB LIKE 123 An Introduction To How TEB Helps Our Bodies

TEB is a form of healing that uses Transforming Touch to help cue the nervous system towards regulation. Come along with us on this journey as we explore how this therapy helps our bodies, and what exactly happens during a TEB session.

Expert Training Across The World

Our training is offered across the world covering a range of topics to help you grow professionally and help more clients.

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