Transforming Touch® Practitioner Training



New Jersey

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Become a Certified Transforming Touch® Practitioner

Join the thousands of Practitioners using Dr. Terrell's scientific approach to transform your practice. This premium training has been designed to help you improve outcomes in all therapies.

  • Hybrid in Person or Online Training
    • Lectures are Pre-recorded Videos
    • Skill Building is offered online or in person
  • Demonstration Sessions
  • Supervised Learning
  • Successfully complete Modules 1-3
  • Free Ongoing Consultation
  • Reduced or no travel costs or time away from the office

Training Perks:

  • Students may repeat any completed module for 50% of the regular course fee.
    • Heal the Healer:  "Where can I go for an intensive offering up to 6  Healing Enhancements?  The first time I experienced the training for my clients, the second time was for me and my clients, and all the rest are just for me"
  • After completion of M1, Students are encouraged to trade sessions with others from around the world.
  • After completion of M1, Students can attend free group Case Consultation weekly.
  • After completion of M1, Students can attend a free healing session weekly.
  • After completion of M1, Students can attend a free enhancement review weekly.
  • After completion of each module, students will receive Enhancement Cards
  • After completion of M3, Transforming Touch® Practitioners may sign up on at no charge. 
Nurturing Resilience Book

Suggested Reading:

"Nurturing Resilience: Helping Clients Move Forward from Developmental Trauma"

by Kathy Kain and Stephen Terrell