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Finding the right therapist for your child is never an easy task. The majority of all my clients come by way of referrals. I have extensive training in the areas of Developmental Trauma, Adoption, Attachment, and Trauma. I am often times a client’s fifth or sixth therapist.

Over the years, I have come to understand the importance of regulation and how it affects a person's interactions with others and behaviors at home and at school. The goal of my treatment model is to use all the available resources to assist a child in regulation and bringing them into their own window of tolerance.

My basic core belief is that the body is capable of healing itself if and when it is regulating at optimal performance. Behaviors can and will change when a person has more time to think before responding and less need for negative management techniques.

We go back to the beginning and look at the neurosequential development of a child from the time of conception. We will go into this further during your intake appointment. Intake appointments are 60 minutes and the fee is $200.

The most common question from Parents seems to be, "How long will therapy take?" and "How often will I need to bring my child?". I wish I had the exact answer to these two questions but every case is unique. Most of the children I see, come to therapy on a weekly basis.

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  7. Please give as much information as possible in the Child Study Questions and Child Intake forms. Please remember that the first appointment is an intake appointment and for parents only.

Also, if you have any reports from physicians, psychologists, or other therapists, please bring a copy of those reports to your first appointment.

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