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Module 1 is almost full, openings for 1 male student only:  Please contact Heather for a special code:  heather@austinattach.com

Become a Certified Transforming Touch® Practioner


Join the thousands of Practitioners implementing Transforming Touch®'s scientific Regulation Based Approach for treating Developmental Trauma. Transforming Touch® Practitioners implement a series of Regulation-Focused Interventions to increase regulation and reduce the effects of stress and trauma on the nervous system.  Regulation-Focused Therapy can be a stand alone treatment model for complex or Developmental Trauma or it can be used to enhance the effectiveness of other modalities.

We offer students several ways to learn Transforming the Experience-Based Brain®:  1.  Online Learning for those who have travel restraints and want to learn in a group setting online with an Intentional Approach to learning.  2.  In Person Learning for those who learn best in a class room setting with other students and hands on approact to Transforming Touch®.  3.  Independent Learning for those who want to join a class that is in progress or prefer learning on a 1:1, approach where they will work directly with a Senior Assistant for the Skills Building portion of the training.

To reduce your cost of learning Transforming the Experience-Based Brain® and becoming a Transforming Touch® Practitioner, we have designed a two-part training experience for students.  All the lectures are taught through pre-recorded videos online for each of our learning approaches.  The Skill Building portion is taught in-person, online, or 1:1.  This reduces time away from home costs and travel related costs.

Transforming Touch® Practitioners complete all three modules and show competency during the Skill Building experience.

                                        Training Perks:

  • Students may repeat any completed module for 50% of the regular course fee.
  • After completion of M1, Students are encouraged to trade sessions with others from around the world.
  • After completion of M1, Students can attend free group Case Consultation weekly.
  • After completion of M1, Students can attend a free healing session weekly.
  • After completion of M1, Students can attend a free enhancement review weekly.
  • After completion of each module, students will receive Enhancement Cards
  • After completion of M3, Transforming Touch® Practitioners may sign up on coregulatingtouch.com at no charge.

                                   Suggested Reading:

"Nurturing Resilience: Helping Clients Move Forward from Developmental Trauma" by Kathy Kain and Stephen Terrell

                                       Heal the Healer:

Many of our students have shared and discovered that attending Transforming Touch® Training as repeat students offers time and space for their healing.  One student stated, "Where can I go for an intensive offering up to 6  Healing Enhancements?  The first time I experienced the training for my clients, the second time was for me and my clients, and all the rest are just for me".   So, no matter why you are coming, all are welcome.  We didn't realize the advantage of repeating at half price and the healing implications for Healers when the program was originally designed, but now with the Hybrid programs, it is truly a healing experience all the way through the training.

Assistants for New York City

Assistants are available for Sessions!  A great way to experience Transforming Intentional Touch.

Ellen Keating

Transforming Touch® Practitioner

Ellen Keating is a licensed psychologist in Wheaton, IL, who works with Developmental Trauma and Transforming Touch. She originally trained in emotion-focused therapy and noticed how clients would go from accessing deeper emotions directly into their traumas. Thus, she became interested in the healing of trauma. She explored Gestalt therapy, focusing, EMDR, and working with parts of the self. Ultimately, she discovered somatic healing and saw the power of touch for the healing of trauma. In particular, when she began to work with Transforming Touch, she noticed that her clients came into an even greater possibility for healing, resolving trauma, and having a full and satisfying life. This developed into her belief that through attunement, attachment, and regulation, even the “oldest” wounds can be helped and healed!

Ellen is a lead assistant for the Transforming the Experience-Based Brain trainings and does extensive consultations for touch therapists. She has conducted thousands of Transforming Touch sessions with clients and believes wholeheartedly in the power of this healing work.