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Stephen Terrell offers training programs that help professionals advance their practices, improve their skills, and better support their clients who may have experienced trauma. Currently, we offer three different training programs.

Transforming the Experience-Based Brain focuses on the treatment of Developmental Trauma.  By using Transforming Touch®, the practitioner is able to meet the client's non-verbal trauma and through regulation of the autonomic nervous system and integration of primitive reflexes, clients begin to move to a new normal.  This new normal brings on increased capacity for the client to handle the stresses of today without including the stresses of early development.

The second is our Experiential Group training where an interactive experience-based group process is used with didactic learning and hands-on experience.  This group opens the door the practitioner to do some of their own trauma work and to learn greater skills of working with Transforming Touch®.

The third is our Somatic Resilience And Regulation training where we present techniques for working with both children and adults, including recognizing developmental trauma in its adult disguises. This program is taught along side Kathy Kain.  Transforming the Experience-Based Brain can be a prerequisite for this program.

If you have never taken a program of ours, you can learn more about our individual programs in the section below. If you are looking for a specific training, please click the relevant link below to go to the training program you need and find a class to register for.

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Helping professionals advance their career with multiple professional development opportunities

Transforming The Experience-Based Brain: A Somatic Model Of Developmental Trauma

Specialized training for professionals and others interested in learning to heal those affected by Developmental Trauma. Students learn advanced protocols for working with Transforming Touch®, primitive reflexes, survival parts, language of trauma, the 7 step protocol to healing, and much more. This experience is open to all who work with children and adults in all healing modalities. Transforming Touch® is beneficial for all forms of trauma.

Experiential Group: Expand Your Trauma Touch Skills And Allow Space For Personal Healing

The Experiential Group is an interactive experience-based group process where didactic learning and hands-on experience come together. This group is for somatic practitioners who work with shock and/or developmental trauma and would like to expand their touch skills and knowledge. Preference is given to those who have completed Somatic Resilience and Regulation, Transforming the Experience-Based Brain, or Touch Skills Training. Others are approved on an individual basis by Terrell.

Somatic Resilience And Regulation: Early Trauma: A Somatic Approach To Supporting Recovery From Developmental Trauma

This three-module program focuses on understanding the effects of trauma during early development. We present techniques for working with both children and adults, including recognizing developmental trauma in its adult disguises. By understanding how trauma affects the developing child, we can better understand our adult clients' symptoms of early trauma and be more effective in our work with them. Click the button below to be taken to the Somatic Resilience and Regulation website.

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