FAQ Transforming The Experience-Based Brain

What is the difference between Somatic Resilience and Regulation and Transforming the Experience-Based Brain?

What is Developmental Trauma?

Developmental Trauma is a catch-all phrase that relates to anything that interrupts the natural process of growth and development. For example, inherited trauma which can flow through several generations down to you, trauma or disconnect around conception, repeated fear of threat (imagined or real), a fast birth or a c-section that is planned without labor, birth trauma, unavailable or disconnected at birth to birth mother, medical interventions, abuse or neglect, lack of opportunity, anxious or disorganized parenting, adoption or abandonment, as well as community trauma and many more possibilities.

Am I qualified to attend the training?

Qualifications coming soon.

What if I can't use touch because of agency or license restrictions?

There are two pathways to learning TEB, one using touch and one using presence.

Do the modules have to be taking in a specific order?

Yes, each module builds on the next and student are asked to complete in order.  However, you do not have to take all three modules in the same location.

What if I am still working on my own recovery from experiencing Developmental Trauma?

Having experienced Developmental Trauma is not a requirement to experience this class but for some, it can build a stronger sense of empathy and compassion.  

Having a desire to support others in their own unique healing journey is most desired regardless of your own background.

You will learn that we spend a life time creating defensive accommodations on a subconscious level to keep us safe and we can create a conscious defensive accommodation to keep us safe while supporting someone else.

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes, we offer the Adria Zimmerman Memorial Scholarship in memory of a special lady who came to this work as a bodyworker and expanded her work into a healing practice. Adria also supported the beginning stages of the work and thought everyone would benefit from Transforming Touch®.


Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, reach out to Heather and she will will be able to work out terms that are doable for you. Once she sets up your payment plan, she will authorize the material you need for the modules.


Where can I buy your book about TEB?

You can purchase my book, TEB LIKE 123, from Amazon for an introduction on how TEB helps our bodies.

Purchase TEB LIKE 123 here.