New Client Registration - Adults

Please read through this page to request an appointment and submit needed documents. In order to help save you time, please bring the documents below with you to your appointment.

How To Request An Appointment

  1. Scroll down this page and click the Notice of Privacy Practices button below. Read through the Notice of Privacy Practices.
  2. Click the Adult Disclosure button below. Read through the Adult Disclosure.
  3. Submit the Individual Therapy form below to request an appointment.
  4. We'll be in touch with you about the next available appointment.
  5. Once your appointment is confirmed, click the Adult Intake button below and download the form.
  6. Fill out the Adult Intake form and bring it with you to your first appointment. Thank you!


I understand that as part of my healthcare, Stephen Terrell originates and maintains health records describing my health history, symptoms, evaluations and test results, diagnosis, treatment and any plans for future care or treatment. I understand that this information is utilized to plan my care and treatment, to bill for services provided to me, to communicate with other healthcare providers and other routine healthcare operations such as assessing quality and reviewing competence of healthcare professionals.

The Notice of Privacy Practices provides specific information and thorough description of how my personal health information may be used and disclosed. I have been provided a copy of or access to the Notice of Privacy Practices and understand that I have been given an opportunity to review the Notice prior to signing this consent. I understand that I will be given a copy of any future revisions of the Notice of Privacy Practices. I understand that I have the right to restrict the use and/or disclosure of my personal health information for treatment, payment, or healthcare operations and that Stephen Terrell is not required to agree to the restrictions requested. I may revoke this consent at any time in writing except to the extent that Stephen Terrell has already taken action in reliance on my prior consent. This consent is valid until revoked by me in writing.

Please Submit for Individual Therapy

Fill out the form below or call us at (512) 206-0260 to request an appointment

Counseling Contact Form - New Client - Adult


Please note that Stephen Terrell no longer accepts Texas Medicaid or any other form of insurance for services.