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Online Training

Distant Learning – Module 2

Skill Building Experience
Dates: July 19-21, 2024

Online Training

Distant Learning – Module 3

Skill Building Experience
Dates: October 4-6, 2024

Online Training

Distant Learning – Module 1

Skill Building Experience
Dates: February 7-9, 2025

Online Training

Distant Learning – Module 2

Skill Building Experience
Dates: May 9-11, 2025

Online Training

Distant Learning – Module 3

Skill Building Experience
Dates: September 12-14, 2025

Become a Certified Transforming Touch® Practioner

Join the thousands of Practitioners using Dr. Terrell's scientific approach to transform your practice. This premium training has been designed to help you improve outcomes in all therapies.

  • Hybrid in Person or Online Training
    • Lectures are Pre-recorded Videos
    • Skill Building is offered online or in person
  • Demonstration Sessions
  • Supervised Learning
  • Successfully complete Modules 1-3
  • Free Ongoing Consultation
  • Reduced or no travel costs or time away from office

Training Format: All-Inclusive with Registration

  • We have created the most economical path to learning Transforming the Experienced-Based Brain.  Our training format reduces time away from home and practice, supports student learning, and builds a community of Healers.
  • All lectures are recorded and available online for you to review on your schedule.  The videos are available 30 days prior to the Skill Building Experience and through the end of the month following the experience.
  • We provide 90 minutes for Q&A sessions each day of the Skill Building Experience where you and your classmates can ask questions and problem solve over zoom.
  • We facilitate a 3 day Skill Building Experience through Zoom.us.  Over the Zoom 3 days you will be working in triads with fellow students and practicing at least 6 different interventions.  We also reserve time for questions.
  • Following the training we support students seeking their own sessions, consultations, or more supportive education through Transforming Breaks or Transforming Reviews.
  • The training is facilitate through 3 modules.  Modules do need to be completed in order without exception.  After you complete all 3 modules, you can be listed on the "co-regulating touch" referral network at no charge.
  • Students oftentimes find that repeating modules at half-price is very beneficial for their learning and their nervous system.

Training Perks

  • Students may repeat any completed module for 50% of the regular course fee.

  • After completion of M1, Students are encouraged to trade sessions with others from around the world.
  • After completion of M1, Students can attend free group Case Consultation weekly.
  • After completion of M1, Students can attend a free healing session weekly.
  • After completion of M1, Students can attend a free enhancement review weekly.
  • After completion of each module, students will receive Enhancement Cards
  • After completion of M3, Transforming Touch® Practitioners may sign up on coregulatingtouch.com at no charge.

Suggested Reading

"Nurturing Resilience: Helping Clients Move Forward from Developmental Trauma" by Kathy Kain and Stephen Terrell

Heal the Healer

Many of our students have shared and discovered that attending Transforming Touch® Training as repeat students offers time and space for their healing.  One student stated, "Where can I go for an intensive offering up to 6  Healing Enhancements?  The first time I experienced the training for my clients, the second time was for me and my clients, and all the rest are just for me".   So, no matter why you are coming, all are welcome.  We didn't realize the advantage of repeating at half price and the healing implications for Healers when the program was originally designed, but now with the Hybrid programs, it is truly a healing experience all the way through the training.

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Student Feedback


"I must say, I was reluctant to sign up for Zoom Training. Using this interface for therapy during the Pandemic in Nova Scotia had made me weary of screen time and yet, the training called to me both personally and professionally and so I signedup. I was very surprised by the power and sensory experience of being right there, sharing the same space, with my triad as we worked with the new protocols. As an observer during a protocol training, I felt a strong pull into the area of thescreen where one of my colleagues was in the 'client' role. Being quite taken back by this, I tested it by bringing my attention to the others that were in their little boxes- the 'Therapist' and the 'Assistant'. I did not feel any energetic pull there.On other occasions while being the 'Therapist' I felt my clients weight drop into my hands- once while holding the head and the other, the kidneys. My clients could also feel my presence with them. I now know that a sense of presence and healing can occur using Transforming Intentional Touch through a virtual platform."  EK from Canada

"I just want to convey my deepest appreciation for the team effort that must have gone into creating this online opportunity.  First the videos came and they were so informative. You took our nervous system into account and prepared them in bite sized pieces. Thank you. I have to be honest and say that i was skeptical about the learning that would take place in our breakout sessions and OMG! It was incredibly eye opening. And some great shifts have taken place for me on day I. I think the work with intentional touch will inform the work I do with transformative touch. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done. It really flowed so smoothly and i know this could of only happened with planning and team effort. I'm so grateful!" ...E from NY

"I far my experience has been smooth and I think the formatting, timing and content are all working really well:) and the team seems to have a great handle on everything.  You are doing a great job, thank you again for putting so much of yourself, love, time and work into making this work accessible. " ...A from Alaska

"And I must say, I was dreading watching all the videos, but they are short, informative, and engaging! Actually quite enjoyable and manageable, thank you!" ...T from Idaho

"I'm so appreciative to the whole team for this incredible training online.  I was very skeptical at first, but was pleasantly surprised at how smooth it all went and what an amazing experience it was! The healing i personally experienced during the 3 day skill building was incredible! The learning via the videos and live online those 3 days was phenomenal!

It was different than learning live, in many ways. However, In some ways, the online practicing was more healing and effective than live.  Altho, i do look forward to going back to Live trainings, i have to say there were advantages to online. I found it extremely helpful to be able to watch the demos as many times as i needed.

You all did a great job in navigating this new format and being there for all of us students even from a distance!! Thank you again for all the work, effort, patience, love and thought you all put into this!" ...M from New York

Lead Assistant for Distant Learning 


Robin Sullivan

Robin Sullivan, SEP, LMT, LMFT


Robin Sullivan is a somatic psychotherapist in the Los Angeles area. As a Rehabilitation Counselor for 25 years, she assisted persons with various disabilities, worked in addiction treatment with Deaf persons, and in various mental health settings. After moving to California, she became a massage therapist, studied Somatic Experiencing©, and Touch Skills/Somatic Practice, and became an SEP in 2012. She went on to advanced studies in developmental trauma and attachment. She has assisted multiple Touch Skills trainings with Stephen Terrell, and for Somatic Resilience and Regulation, and TEB courses as well.

Robin received another master’s degree, and has been working as a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist Associate and Professional Clinical Counselor Associate since 2017. Working in various agencies and non-profits these past years, she has been incorporating SE and Transforming Intentional Touch into sessions, including work with couples, building on PACT couples training. She loves to learn, has been called “infinitely curious”, and is often moved by the power of laughter and even music that can arise during sessions. When not working or assisting, she often can be found presenting nationally and internationally in the stuttering community

Zoom Breakout Basics

Zoom Breakout Room Basics Two rooms:

Main Session Room and Breakout Room Main Session Room:

  • The main session room is where we will meet each day and hold the Q&A.
  • To ask a question, use the “raise hand” icon. Breakout Room: Location of all Skill Building Experiences
  • You do not automatically get placed in the breakout room. When it is time to be placed into a pre-assigned group, you will need to accept the breakout room dialog box that pops up on your screen. Or, you can click the “breakout room” icon at the bottom of your screen.
  • Sound echoes easily in the breakout rooms, please keep music, phones, and paper moving to a minimum.
  • No phone calls, texting, or children in breakout rooms please.
  • The training Host will send a message in chat: when to start, when to make the protocol transitions, and when to make the move back to the main session room.
  • Observer will be responsible for watching for the chat messages regarding time and switching your triad through the protocol
  • Stay in breakout rooms for all rounds of the triads, do not return to Main Session Room until the 3rd triad is over.
  • Once in the breakout room if you need help from an assistant, go to the bottom of your screen and click the “ask for help” button. This will notify one of the assistants will come to help.
  • You have the option to leave the breakout room and return to the Main session room anytime by pressing the “Leave room” blue button at the bottom of your screen. If you ever need to leave the training for whatever reason, please notify one of the assistants.
  • Remember that we have students from all time zones, please refrain from alcoholic beverages or smoking during the Skill Building Experience.
  • To improve connection during the training, please consider using Ethernet connection instead of wifi.