Columbus, Ohio                                   Transforming the Experience-Based Brain

Using Regulation to Support Trauma Healing

Two Transforming Pathways To Learning using either Transforming Touch® or Transforming Presence

Transforming Presence is an effective way of facilitating regulation within our client's nervous systems.  The protocols and enhancements are designed to work with or without physical touch. The power of working with intention has been shared from therapists around the world.  Some believe it is stronger than using physical touch. Transforming  Presence is an effective treatment for those who work in agencies that prohibit physical touch and for those limited by licensure laws.   This is also the chosen path for telemedicine.

Transforming Touch® is an effective way of facilitating regulation within our client's nervous systems using physical touch.  The protocols and enhancements are designed to work with or without physical touch. Those who touch begin to bring awareness to the space and to their own presence.  This awareness and consistantacy enhances a client's level of healing.

Training Format:

  • 5 day training per each module.  The 5 day training covers lectures, demos, and skill building experience for Transforming Touch® and Transforming Presence learning pathways.
  • Students select learning pathways at time of registration for each module.
  • The training format is 3 modules.  Modules must be completed in order without exception.
  • Upon completion of all 3 modules, you can be listed on the "co-regulating touch" referral network at no charge.
  • Often times students choose to repeat modules to enrich their experiences.  Repeat modules are offered to students and graduates at a reduced rate of 50% off regular pricing.

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Assistants for Columbus, Ohio

Assistants are available for Sessions!  A great way to experience Transforming Intentional Touch.


Robin Sullivan, LMFT, SEP

Robin Sullivan is a somatic psychotherapist in the Los Angeles area. As a Rehabilitation Counselor for 25 years, she assisted persons with various disabilities, worked in addiction treatment with Deaf persons, and in various mental health settings. After moving to California, she became a massage therapist, studied Somatic Experiencing©, and Touch Skills/Somatic Practice, and became an SEP in 2012. She went on to advanced studies in developmental trauma and attachment. She has assisted multiple Touch Skills trainings with Stephen Terrell, and for Somatic Resilience and Regulation, and TEB courses as well.

Robin received another master’s degree, and has been working as a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist Associate and Professional Clinical Counselor Associate since 2017. Working in various agencies and non-profits these past years, she has been incorporating SE and Transforming Intentional Touch into sessions, including work with couples, building on PACT couples training. She loves to learn, has been called “infinitely curious”, and is often moved by the power of laughter and even music that can arise during sessions. When not working or assisting, she often can be found presenting nationally and internationally in the stuttering community


Ann Chan,  LCSW, LCPC

Ann Chan is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in the state of Illinois. She specializes in Trauma and Attachment. She attended the first Somatic Resilience and Regulation (SRR) training and continued to learn from Stephen Terrel’s integrative approach. In her counseling practice, she applies Touch, SRR and TEB to cases of PTSD, Complex PTSD, Child Sexual
Abuse, Dissociation, Birth Trauma, Surgical Trauma and Pain.