Upcoming Training Transforming the Experience-Based Brain
In Montreal, Canada

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Montreal, Quebec, Canada – 2020 – Module 2

Skill Building Experience

DatesOct 30 - Nov 1, 2020

Due to Pandemic, Online Only 

Montreal, Quebec, Canada – 2020 – Module 3

Skill Building Experience

DatesFebruary 12 - 14, 2021 

Assistants for Montreal

Assistants are available for Sessions!  A great way to experience Transforming Intentional Touch.

Kathleen Love

Kathleen Love, LMFT, LPC, SEP
Intuitive Therapist, Healer, Speaker, Teacher

From Contracted Developmental Trauma to Lightness of Being and Love- This is the pathway of Kathleen’s work and the knowing she has of what developmental trauma work will lead to.

Kathleen has assisted Transforming the Experienced Based Brain all over the US and parts of Europe for several years.  She has completed over 15,000 hours of clinical touch sessions. In her private practice she offers intensive session work and consultations to clinicians around the world.  Her post-graduate training includes:

  • EMDR Certification
    Somatic Experiencing Certification (Dr. Peter Levine: traumahealing.com)
    Transforming the Experienced-Based Brain (Dr. Stephen Terrell: austinattach.com)
    Touch Skills for Trauma Therapists (Kathy Kain: somaticpractice.net)
    Resilience/Regulation for Early Developmental Trauma (Stephen Terrell/Kathy Kain)
    Neurosequential Model of Treatment (Dr. Bruce Perry/childtrauma.org)

Currently, Kathleen is co-chair for Somatic Therapies with the AED (Academy of Eating Disorders an International Organization).  She is a member of AED, APPPAH (Assoc of Prenatal, Perinatal Psychology), Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute, and USABP (US Assoc of Body Psychotherapy).

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Lohry Louise Dubé B.Éd, N.D, SEP

Part of Transforming Intentional Touch Montreal’s assistant team.
Firstly Trained in the Naturopathic field of Health 1989-1994, Health revealed itself as a complex interaction balance. Human being is at the core of my approach. Within more than 25 years of
experience, I have developed a passion for the nervous system and the impact of Inherited trauma. I achieved: Somatic Experiencing post-graduated studies through Touch Skills in SE (Kathy Kain 2015-2016) and Early Trauma with Kathy Kain and Steve Terrell (2016-2018) in Victoria, BC.

My curiosity is now mostly on the impact of trauma within the Nervous System linked to illness and other manifestations. Naturopathy, Family constellations and Somatic Experiencing and Transforming the Experienced Based Brain are the main tools I use to support my clients when coming back to their inherent profound equilibrium.