Transforming the Experience-Based Brain

A touch approach for supporting the healing of Developmental Trauma         

              created for those who support healing in others  

Chicago, Illinois

Training Format:  All Inclusive with Registration

  • We have created the most economical path to learning Transforming the Experienced-Based Brain.  Our training format reduces time away from home and practice, supports student learning, and builds a community of Healers.
  • All lectures are recorded and available online for you to review on your schedule.  The videos are available 30 days prior to the Skill Building Experience and through the end of the month following the experience.
  • We provide 4 Q&A sessions for the class prior to the Skill Building Experience where you and your classmates can ask questions and problem solve over zoom.
  • We facilitate a 3 day Skill Building Experience either onsite or if you are unable to travel, through a distant learning format.  These 3 days are filled with live demonstrations of the work as well as your opportunity as a student to experience and learn the work first hand through triads. There are also several opportunities for sharing your experiences with other students and ask questions.
  • Following the training we support students reaching out for their own sessions, consultations, or more supportive education through Transforming Breaks or Transforming Reviews.
  • The training is facilitate through 3 modules.  Modules do need to be completed in order without exception.  After you complete all 3 modules, you can be listed on the "co-regulating touch" referral network at no charge.
  • Students often times find that repeating modules at half-price is very beneficial for their learning and their nervous system.

Register For Training

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Chicago, IL – 2020 – Module 2

Skill Building Experience

DatesMarch 5-7, 2021              

Chicago, IL – 2020 – Module 3

Skill Building Experience

DatesJune 25-27, 2021                                                                                                                                                              

Assistants for Chicago, Il

Assistants are available for Sessions!  A great way to experience Transforming Intentional Touch.

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Somatic Healer and Trauma Therapist

Ellen Keating is a licensed psychologist in Wheaton, IL, who works with Developmental Trauma and Transforming Touch. She originally trained in emotion-focused therapy and noticed how clients would go from accessing deeper emotions directly into their traumas. Thus, she became interested in the healing of trauma. She explored Gestalt therapy, focusing, EMDR, and working with parts of the self. Ultimately, she discovered somatic healing and saw the power of touch for the healing of trauma. In particular, when she began to work with Transforming Touch, she noticed that her clients came into an even greater possibility for healing, resolving trauma, and having a full and satisfying life. This developed into her belief that through attunement, attachment, and regulation, even the “oldest” wounds can be helped and healed!

Ellen is a lead assistant for the Transforming the Experience-Based Brain trainings and does extensive consultations for touch therapists. She has conducted thousands of Transforming Touch sessions with clients and believes wholeheartedly in the power of this healing work.


Rhonda Kelloway, LCSW, SEP

Rhonda Kelloway is a somatic psychotherapist, LCSW, and trauma specialist in private practice in the Chicago area. I own Life Care Wellness, a group practice of 20 clinicians who specialize in trauma, addiction, and wellness.  I focus primarily on developmental trauma and attachment, and how that shows up for clients (chronic pain, medical syndromes, stuck emotional patterns, relational problems, etc.). So I utilize TEB, SE, SRR, and DARe extensively, and EMDR on occasion, as well. Roughly two-thirds of my clients are on the table with transforming touch, and with intentional touch in telehealth. I assist widely with SE and TEB trainings and really enjoy helping others learn these powerful approaches to trauma and attachment treatment. I’m approved to provide consultations and personal sessions for both TEB and SE.

My life outside of work includes my 20 year-old son who lives in Iowa, caring for my cat Inky, and enjoying lots of activities at church. I like to walk and knit for self-care – though not necessarily at the same time.

Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 8.36.49 AM

Patricia Dean, LMFT, SEP, BSP, BASE-P

Patricia Dean is a Somatic Psychotherapist and Transforming Touch Therapist in Nashville, TN. In the four careers prior to counseling, I was responsible for starting up new frozen food products for
Stouffers/Nestle, owned a lunch restaurant, a Supplie Development Manager for a local restaurant company and owned an internet advertising company. All of these unique careers help shape my
counseling practice. Initially, I was trained in EMDR, Brainspotting, Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), and Gottman. Due to
my own PTSD, I continued to search for a modality to go to the reptilian brain and discovered Somatic Experiencing (SE). Through SE, I found somatic touch and began learning from DARe, Somatic Resilience and Regulation  (SRR), Touch for Psychotherapists (TST), Relational Bodywork and Somatic Education (BASE) and TEB. As I learned, experienced and utilized the Somatic Touch I saw a deeper, lasting change in the ANS which in turn, allowed my clients to begin their healing process. Through this healing new insights
and behaviors were experienced.

I am approved to provide personal sessions for SE and BASE. Also, I am the Coordinator for
Nashville SE training and I assist at SE, BASE, and TEB trainings. Please note these sessions provided at the training/office or online are for learning and integration ofthe material and not to be considered as therapy. License # 825 *** 615.438.3132


Robin Sulivan, SEP, LMFT

Robin Sullivan is a somatic psychotherapist in the Los Angeles area. As a Rehabilitation Counselor for 25 years, she assisted persons with various disabilities, worked in addiction treatment with Deaf persons, and in various mental health settings. After moving to California, she became a massage therapist, studied Somatic Experiencing©, and Touch Skills/Somatic Practice, and became an SEP in 2012. She went on to advanced studies in developmental trauma and attachment. She has assisted multiple Touch Skills trainings with Stephen Terrell, and for Somatic Resilience and Regulation, and TEB courses as well.
Robin received another master’s degree, and has been working as a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist Associate and Professional Clinical Counselor Associate since 2017. Working in various agencies and non-profits these past years, she has been incorporating SE and Transforming Intentional Touch into sessions, including work with couples, building on PACT couples training.

Robin loves to learn, has been called “infinitely curious”, and is often moved by the power of laughter and even music that can arise during sessions. When not working or assisting, she often can be found presenting nationally and internationally in the stuttering community